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Let our contributors work speak for itself. Checkout some of the repositories our contributors have provided contributions to.

Astrotomic laravel-mime

  • MIT
  • PHP
  • 4

This package provides Laravel service bindings for symfony/mime.

spatie calendar-months

  • MIT
  • JavaScript
  • 53

Month class with specialized functions for generating calendar user interfaces

spatie blender-media

  • MIT
  • Vue
  • 36

Blender Media Component

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point of opendor.me?

Our goal is to help open-source contributors share and highlight their open-source work. We know how hard open-source work can be, but we also know how rewarding it can be.

This platform is being created and maintained by open-source developers as an open-source project after all. So we want to do our best to make the open-source work you do as rewarding and visible as possible.

We're creating a community for talented open-source developers to highlight their best work in an understandable way. We want to empower developers and maintainers to network and discover other projects.

What type of users will be on opendor.me?

Our platform's primary user is an open-source developer and contributor to GitHub-hosted projects. They are a developer contributing to at least one open-source project looking to highlight their work.

We also will provide recruiters with methods to discover open-source developers. We hope that our community will allow them to see who's working on projects their company uses or needs.

Similarly, for open-source organizations this community will connect them with potential contributors. So they will be able to discover and be discovered by talented developers in their field.